Armatus is the majority shareholder in Armatus Risks (Cyprus) Ltd, a locally registered Cypriot company with a head office in Nicosia, managed by an exceptional team of local and expatriate security experts. This, combined with expertise and support from our UK business team has allowed us to develop a diverse offering in an exciting region, using UK methods adapted for the European market.

We provide solutions to local municipalities and have close ties with the National GSP stadium, supplying security staff during high profile events such as Champions League qualifying games and other international sporting events.  We are also working with a range of foreign embassies, high net worth individuals and corporates.

Our core solutions include risk management consultancy, close protection, residential security, alarm and response solutions, mobile patrols, manguarding and specialist security training.


For further information on the solutions we can provide in the region, including security consultations, please contact:

Armatus Security Solutions

Alexandros Papodopolous
Stasinou, 46,
Floor 1,
Flat 28 Strovolos 2002,
Phone: +357 (99) 642209
Company Number: ΗΕ 366525