The nature of the threats faced by clients varies from country to country and the nature of those threats is constantly changing. The ability to react to and, where possible, pre-empt those changes is therefore paramount.We pride ourselves on using our own expertise and that of our partner companies to keep abreast of the political, economic and technical changes that affect the security of our clients wherever they operate; this enables us to ensure that the recommendations we make to clients are as up-to-date as possible, regardless of the scale of the operation or the budget available.

Over the years we have developed a respect for diversity, an understanding of culture and a track record of delivering global solutions for local markets. We do not offer our clients a one size fits all solution. In the same way that each country is different, so every client is different; that is why each of our clients receives country and industry specific proposals to enable them to meet their security challenges with confidence.

We specialise in the following areas:

Security Consultancy

We have the experience and expertise to make a rapid assessment of the challenges facing each client and to form sensible and flexible country or task specific solutions.  More often than not, this process leads to recommendations in respect of areas outside the scope of the original brief.

Risk and Threat Assessment

We have developed a proprietary matrix that enables us to understand each risk and threat faced by the client in any particular context quickly and comprehensively.  This gives our clients the ability to react equally quickly to any threat or risk that arises and to understand the changing nature of those risks and threats.


We can deliver training worldwide by way of programmes individually developed to meet each client’s needs. All of our trainers are subject matter experts in their field with a proven track record of delivering to the very highest standards. We can provide training to civilian security law enforcement and military personnel, and have a specific surveillance and counter-surveillance capability.

Manpower Provision

Delivering a comprehensive manpower solution on a worldwide basis is a complex task. Our international staff are all former members of the armed forces or law enforcement agencies and are highly experienced in both hostile and non-hostile environments in most parts of the world. We also work closely with a large international network of partner companies which allows us to provide a local solution to complement our UK-based services in areas such as close protection, asset protection, static and mobile security (including convoy escorting), and surveillance and counter-surveillance. We can also provide meet and greet services.

Equipment Supply

In a climate where technology has become a dominant factor in the provision of security, and where that technology changes increasingly rapidly, we can deliver, through a network of tried and trusted manufacturers, a comprehensive range of equipment solutions to our clients which meet requirements and budgets at all levels.

Media Safety Advisors

We can provide support, both pre-travel and for the duration of the deployment. Pre-travel will include detailed country reports, intelligence reports and pre-travel briefings and training where required. For the duration of the deployment, we are able to support media operations with highly experienced and qualified media safety advisors.

Business Intelligence and Investigations

Due to our global reach, we are able to offer our clients a truly international, cross-border investigations service. By providing an ethical service to our clients we ensure that the information they receive is timely, accurate and factual. This gives our clients the opportunity to make informed and precise decisions.