Armatus Risks Security Solutions Ltd are proud to announce the acquisition of CN Security Ltd – an events management business

In the UK, we have become highly regarded by our clients who value our individually structured approach. We pride ourselves in being very “hands on” and ensure that clients have direct access to one our directors; this speeds up the decision-making process and provides a personal quality assurance guarantee.

The UK division’s areas of expertise include:

Manned Guarding

We can offer specifically appropriate static guarding solutions for any type of business, including construction sites, gatehouses, factories and rail and logistics operations. Our staff are diligent and work closely with clients to offer a full complement of working practices to suit each client’s needs.

Door Supervisors

We have a wealth of knowledge and skills when it comes to providing door supervisors to the late-night economy on a national basis.  We can risk assess each and every venue, design an appropriate system and,depending on the venue’s requirements,offer recommendations for continuing improvements for both one-off events and routine activities. A key element in the way we operate is that we work as closely as possible with local licensing authorities, the police and other relevant agencies involved in the late-night economy.


For a number of years we have been heavily involved in the development and planning of large-scale events, including pre-planning and liaison with Health and Safety professionals, providing the physical manpower required to manage the event safely and securely and assisting in the full breakdown of the event after its completion.

All our staff are trained in spectator safety and event stewarding and meet all the required SIA guidelines.

Executive / Corporate Protection

We provide a number of close protection officers to a range of clients including embassies and international financial institutions. Our close protection teams are predominantly ex-military or police and our individually designed solutions are regularly audited and updated to ensure that the quality of our service is maintained at the highest level. Each close protection team is selected and managed personally by one of our directors.

Residential Security

We provide residential security teams to a number of families throughout the UK. We understand the need for a family to feel safe but not intruded upon and our procedures reflect this.


We are a registered training provider for the Highfield certification body and are regularly externally audited to ensure that we meet all the requirements needed for providing training for door supervisors, first aid at various levels and close protection. We have a team of subject matter experts who deliver the training in our own training centre in the Midlands or at locations anywhere in the UK, depending on the client’s needs.