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Armatus Risks is a full-service risk management & security company.

Armatus, part of The Constellation Group, have a proven track record in delivering the right advice, guidance and security requirements to our clients in any region or country. In particular, we have the skills and experience that are needed in complex or hostile environments.

We offer personal and dedicated support, providing world-class security risk management solutions which minimise risk and allow clients to develop new business and extend their geographical reach. Each of our divisions operates with an uncompromising attitude to compliance at every level and has a wealth of experience in its sector. 
We are ideally positioned to offer the most practical and comprehensive security solutions across the world. 

We have built up an excellent reputation for capability and service levels in providing consultancy, personnel selection, equipment supply, and training. Each of our divisions can act alone or with one or more of our other divisions, offering a truly comprehensive range of unique specialist security solutions. With a presence in the UK, Middle East and Africa we are ideally positioned at the upper echelon of the world's private security industry and are committed to supplying an unsurpassed level of service. 


We are determined to give the advice our clients need, whether it's physically protecting someone or completing a security audit.

Our commitment to quality is part of our daily operations, and achieve this through continual improvement through client and staff interaction. Investment in training and technology ensures we are currently in an adapting industry; never left behind and always striving to be at the forefront of new initiatives Armatus Risks has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the UK. 

Morning Run

Security Audits
by Armatus Risks

At Armatus Risks, we offer comprehensive Security Audits designed to fortify your organisation's security. Our seasoned team conducts in-depth evaluations of your existing security systems, procedures, and protocols, identifying potential vulnerabilities and providing actionable recommendations for improvement.


Our bespoke approach ensures your audit is tailored to your unique needs, enhancing your security posture while adhering to industry standards. Contact us today to safeguard your organisation with our Security Audits.


We offer dedicated support to our clients

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