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Global Solutions
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Risk Consulting

Risk Consulting

Using a tested and proven approach to corporate security risk management our Consulting Services assist our clients to address facility and organisational risks. Using our experience gained in hostile, complex, and emerging markets we are able to consult on all manner of security situations. We ensure compliance with regulatory standards, and support clients so they can operate effectively and safely to help clients across all sectors protect their people, assets, and reputation. 

Our Security Managers are supported by our head office in London and have access to international best practices and Standard Operating Procedures.

Our Consulting Services bring together the following services to support clients around the world: 

•    Embedded Security Management
•    Security Assessments
•    Bespoke Training
•    Special projects including medium-term one-off deployments
•    Country risk and Geo-political Assessment
•    Convoy/Logistic Security Solutions

Close Protection
Close Protection Security Armatus.webp

Close Protection

When it comes to Close Protection, Armatus offer bespoke specialist security solutions to suit each situation. Armatus offers a full spectrum of security 

Armatus Risks has a truly global ability, operating in and amongst the most hostile environments in the world. Every operator we use abroad has a wealth of knowledge both of the country and region they are 
being employed in as well as of the threat they may face. Our hostile environment staff are mainly drawn from former members of the UK Military bringing with them a depth of experience gained from operational tours in hostile and complex environments on a wide variety of roles. Operating overseas, we lead the way in integrating locally trained personnel, consisting of all main religious groups and tribes, to work alongside our team leaders and management. We have established 

Joint Ventures and partnerships across the Middle East and Africa and 
as part of these, undertake training programs for all in-country teams to raise local national skill levels and preparedness. Investing in our staff facilitates greater staff retention as well as promotes technology transfer and upskilling. 

In every country we operate, we seek to build and maintain excellent relationships with local law enforcement, diplomatic missions and regional and tribal factions that support and facilitate our operations. We aim to build these long lasting, effective relationships in country that allow us to pass on tangible benefits to our clients. 



Supplying front-of-house officers covering hotel entrance, lobby, patrols, and control rooms across London hotels. We understand the unique requirements of ensuring our officers conduct themselves to our client standards; incorporating high levels of customer service to their patrons while seamlessly integrating their security procedures.

Due to our high levels of training, many clients also utilize our service to cover their in-house security positions. Also, our clients have been impressed with our staff, and it is common to find our team receiving promotions into supervisory positions employed directly by our clients. 


It is now commonplace to find in all hotels an extensive range of outlets, restaurants bars and clubs with their premises. Being licensed premises, the importance of upholding the license conditions while continuing to maintain the very high customer service levels required in hotels is paramount. We ensure through extensive recruitment selection and training that officers with the correct presence, discretion, and competency are only selected to service our clients. 



We provide banqueting and events security services to all our clients in London. Currently covering over 8OO events annually, we can assist clients from the planning stages through to breakdown and debriefing. Our officers work seamlessly and add value to all our events, where we look after as many as 3000 people in a single event. 

We provide event security managers, supervisors, and staff to ensure all aspects are covered as required by our clients. Due to our exposure in the industry, we can work effortlessly, covering multiple events daily throughout London; maintain the same high standards throughout. 

Surveillance & Investigations

Surveillance & Investigations

Armatus provide covert surveillance and observation to the private and commercial sectors. We provide appropriate and unobtrusive surveillance professionals, equipped to fully document any task, often at very short notice. Armatus surveillance team members are made up of male and female operatives of different ages and from varied cultural backgrounds to best blend in. Armatus teams operate cutting-edge technology to support the documentation and gathering of evidence in their investigations. 

Armatus conduct surveillance and investigations in the following areas:

•    Matrimonial and fidelity surveillance
•    General and insurance fraud 
•    Compensation claims
•    Stolen property
•    PersonaI injury
•    Employee thefts
•    Counterfeit goods Trade/industrial espionage.
•    Observation of residential premises, apartments, garages, boats, or aircraft 

Armatus offers the following capabilities:

•    Static & mobile observation utilising both state-of-the-art and established techniques
•    Back-up intelligence team Specialising in Legal 'open-source intelligence research
•    UK and worldwide coverage
•    DetaiIed evidence reports
•    Covert survey I lance
•    Protective Surveillance
•    Counter-surveillance
•    Technical Security Counter Measures

Logistics & Procurement
Logistics & Procurement Hostile Environment Security Armatus.webp

Logistics & Procurement

Armatus is able to supply security technology and life support systems for hostile environments.

An example list of key equipment types is listed below: 

•    B6/ VR7 Armored Vehicles
•    BallisticAmour
•    Personal Protective Equipment
•    Secure Communications
•    Surveillance Drones
•    CCTV Systems
•    Secure Accommodation with life support
•    Hardened Safety Shelters
•    Medical Clinic Facilities
•    Emergency refugee housing



Armatus offers a range of specialist security courses that focus on reducing our client's exposure to risk and ensuring they are prepared to operate more safely in challenging environments. We have provided training courses to government agencies, non-governmental organisations, corporations, and private individuals. We ensure all personnel deployed on our projects meet an appropriate level of training. We also provide our Expatriate, Local National, and Third Country National personnel with training so they are able to best respond and handle any situation. 

Below is an overview of standard training courses offered to clients. We can also tailor courses to specific requirements: 

  • Security briefings for frequent business travellers

  • Hostile Environment Close Protection Training

  • Hostile Environment Awareness Training

  • Crisis Management and Response Training

  • Business Continuity Training

  • Basic Road Safety Training

  • Defensive Driver Training

  • Aviation Security Training

  • B6 Armoured Vehicle Familiarisation

  • Emergency First Aid in the Workplace

  • First Person on Scene Medical Training

  • Medicine in Remote Areas

  • Health and Safety in the Workplace

  • Guard Force Training

  • Train the Trainer packages

  • Maritime Security Training

  • MiIitary and Special Operations Training

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