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Behavioural Detection Operatives: Enhancing Public Safety and Security

The threat of terrorism continues to evolve, making it increasingly difficult to predict where and when attacks may occur. To address this challenge, the UK government has introduced the Protect Duty, now known as ‘Martyn’s Law’, in honour of Martyn Hett, one of the victims of the Manchester Arena terrorist attack in 2017. In response, Armatus offers a specialised service that can help venues and events comply with this duty: Behavioural Detection Operatives (BDOs).

What are Behavioural Detection Operatives?

Armatus BDOs are specially trained and highly experienced in the complex disciplines of Behavioural Detection (BD) and Surveillance/Counter-Surveillance. Unlike general security firms, Armatus BDOs are immediately deployable and can work in this highly specialised field.

How do Behavioural Detection Operatives work?

The Armatus BDO team is an enhanced layer of protection for public events, audience protection and infrastructure. The BDOs work proactively to find potential problems and detect risks, communicating these to the event/venue security command for immediate response by uniformed security and emergency services. The team operates both externally and internally among the crowd, with a particular focus on ‘the last mile’, providing undetected, unseen eyes on the ground.

Where can Behavioural Detection Operatives be deployed?

Armatus BDOs are highly versatile and can operate in a range of settings, including high-profile music and entertainment festivals, sports and concert stadia, AGMs, and large-scale public and cultural events. They can also protect major construction and critical national public infrastructure projects such as HS2, nuclear power stations, and rail, air, and ferry ports.

What are the benefits of using Behavioural Detection Operatives?

Armatus BD teams can detect, deter and deny potential troublemakers’ intentions, providing a safer environment for event/venue staff and customers. The BDOs' proactive approach and active, covert behavioural detection provide a key tool for security at public engagements, events, and activities.

Accredited Behavioural Detection Training Programme

In addition to providing BDO services, Armatus can also offer an accredited Behavioural Detection training programme for in-house teams. This training can enhance the skills of your venue’s team and provide valuable knowledge to enhance public safety and security.

In conclusion, Armatus Behavioural Detection Operatives offer a specialised and highly effective solution to enhance public safety and security at a wide range of events and venues. With the government’s Protect Duty now in effect, it is essential for venues to consider solutions like the Armatus BDOs to meet these requirements and ensure the safety of staff and customers alike.

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